Soft Tissue Surgery Including Spay and Neuter

Plainview Animal Clinic offers full services to perform a number of soft tissue surgeries. The most commonly needed procedure is sexual sterilization, otherwise known as spaying a female or neutering (castrating) a male. We are also equipped to perform exploratory laparotomy, cystotomy, wound care, mass removal, and many other procedures as needed.

Depending on the involvement of the procedure, we may recommend that the patient spend one or two nights in our hospital.

Before any anesthetic procedure, we recommend performing bloodwork to help us evaluate the overall health of the pet and determine any risks related to anesthesia. Generally, we pull bloodwork the morning of the procedure, but it may be evaluated at a regular appointment prior to the anesthetic event. We also recommend administering IV fluids during and immediately after the procedure for multiple reasons. First, it supports blood pressure while the patient is anesthetized, reducing risk to the kidneys, one of the primary organs for processing the anesthetic agents. Second, it gives us immediate access to administer emergency drugs if necessary. We recommend bloodwork and IV fluids for young patients, and require both bloodwork and fluids for any anesthesia in a patient over 6 years of age.

Prices for surgery vary according to the animal’s size and the procedure being performed. Please call for an appointment.


Plainview Animal Clinic Pre-Anesthetic Consent Form